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Cable Trays and Earthing Material

Our team understands the importance of Earthing as an essential to removing electrostatic/dynamic discharges which can turn fatal and hence, we take extreme measures to assure safety and durability of our services.

We have successfully executed very big contracts of NTPC and are also an approved supplier of theirs for Cable Trays and Earthing Materials.

Passive's comprehensive range includes :

  • Cable Trays- We are prime manufacturers of a wide range of cable trays that assure protection of cables both indoors as well as outdoors. Our popular products being: Ladder Cable Trays, Perforated Cable Trays, Wire WaysTrays and such likes.
  • Earthing Material- We undertake fabrication contracts of highly tensile, molecularly bonded, different sized, cleverly customized, high grade Earthing conductors in Flats and Rods variants to meet all the needs of our Client’s projects. Our popular products being: Pipe Electrodes, Plate Electrodes, Earthing Conductors (Flats and Rods), GI Strips, to name some.

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