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Roads & Highways

We also fabricate Steel Structures which form and indispensible part of Roads and Highways Infrastructure Development like Toll Plaza erection, Crash Barriers, Road Over Bridges and Foot Over Bridges. Our excellent team takes pride in the following products :

  • Toll Plaza : Our toll plazas are constructed in compliance to global quality standards with components obtained from reliable vendors only. Their high quality is appreciated by the customers with respect to their complete insulation that safeguards against harsh weathers.
  • Crash Barriers : We manufacture Highway Guard-rail Barriers also known as Crash Barriers which are basically galvanized and corrugated steel sheets. They are installed on both sides of highways to enhance safety of traffic.
  • Road Over Bridges : The rapid rate of road development witnessed in the recent years has resulted in a massive need for Road Over Bridges. Passive uses unconventional methods of construction of these bridges by the use of Steel Girders that save an enormous amount of time, effort and resources.
  • Foot Over Bridges : Passive manufactures FOBs in steel that allow flexibility to build these large structures effectively for longer and improved life cycle performance.

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