The People


One of the most potent driving-force behind the success of Passive Infra is indeed its highly professional and competent work-force. Richly experienced & professionally capable in every aspect of their operations, the people at Passive Infra are driven by the quest for achieving excellence in every sphere of company’s operations. The company on the other hand invests whole-heartedly in developing their technical expertise & backs their efforts for the company by rewarding them with rich financial rewards in return.


The prime contributing factor behind this admirable growth is undeniably the farsightedness of Passive Infra’s management. Comprising of fine technocrats with a rich experience in similar streams of industry, Passive Infra’s management has always been proactively involved in formulating and putting into motion growth oriented policies, which have led to the current expansion of company’s business. The results have been quite evident for everyone to see, as the company now caters to a considerable chunk of present market demand at present.

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